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In the Adelaide market, Customs Agency Services are second to none when it comes to experience, size, and professionalism providing services and support above and beyond just clearing your product through Australian Customs and Quarantine.

We have a specialist brokerage section at CAS, that uniquely analyses legal ways in which your duty burden can be reduced. Since 2000, we have saved our clients millions of dollars in this area alone. With the Australian Customs & Border Protection Service (ACBPS) releasing 75 trained customs trained auditors into the field in 2007, the accuracy and compliance of entries is more crucial than ever. The experience size and dedication of the Customs Agency Services Brokerage team offers our clients the greatest opportunity to not only keep costs down but have the highest level of compliance.

Can your company afford not to investigate all potential legal avenues of minimising your duty burden?

CAS provides Customs Clearance in;

- Australia Wide.
- And over 500 of the worlds major trading centres.

In addition we can provide assistance with:

  • Banking Documentation
  • Carnet Advice
  • Export Documentation (Commercial Invoices etc.)
  • Export Grants
  • Packing
  • Transportation - Delivery - Inter and Intra State
  • Drawback Applications
  • Export Declarations
  • Advice on The Harmonised and Legal Tariff Advices
  • Advice on the Tariff Concession Order System
  • Advice on Import Licensing
  • Advice on Bounties and Export Development Grants
  • Customs Valuation / Valuation Advice
  • Advice on Anti Dumping Procedures
  • Bonded Warehouse requirements and services
  • Customs Duty Audits in house by Customs Agency Services
  • Review of Customs decisions and representation in disputes
  • GST Advice
  • Documentary Drawback advice and services
  • Door-to-door landed costings

Additionally, whether it be for products coming into Australia, or destined for overseas, our leading Customs Brokerage department is only too willing to assist, with research and development on Australian / Global duty rates, GST / VAT, or local legal Import and Export requirements.

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